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Streaming terms of use

Version 1.4 - 12/08/2011

1. Purpose and intent.

1.01 The video streaming facility at the Internet URL www.batc.tv provided by The British Amateur Television Club (hereafter "the batc") is for use of paid-up individual members and affiliated societies of the batc as a tool to aid the advancement of television and video technology and techniques. In plain terms, your stream content must have some relevence to ATV or Amateur radio in general.

1.02 Taking into consideration that the batc streamer is financed by all members of the batc, with the specific purpose of promoting amateur television and amateur radio, if any member decides to use the streaming facility for any purpose that, in the opinion of the batc, does not conform with these ideals, the batc reserve the right to charge that membr for any and all bandwidth used at the rate of 20pence per 1GB of data transferred in or out of the batc server via their stream.

2. What IS allowed:

Productions by individuals or societies which broadly follow the conditions set out in the current UK Amateur Radio License regulations which can be viewed at www.ofcom.org.uk. In essence, anything which is of a non-commercial nature and not intended to imply preference or otherwise to any commercial organisation. Although it is considered good practise, the stream producer does not have to comply with Ofcom's regulations on station identification as this is implied by the stream owners name as shown on their streaming web page. An amateur radio license is not necessary to use the streamer it is open to all members of the batc anywhere in The World.

3. What is NOT allowed:

3.01 Anything which is intended to, or likely to be interpreted as offensive or derogatory to another person, group of people or organisation.
3.02 Use for anything of a religious or political nature.
3.03 Use for property or site surveillance purposes.
3.04 Use for any business purposes.
3.05 Leasing, reselling, gifting or by other means allowing the video stream to be used by third parties.
3.06 Use to advertise or trade any item, with the exception of occasional small items which are related to television or electronics and do not form part of any commercial contract.
3.07 Relaying of any copyrighted material unless the copyright owner has given their consent to their material appearing on batc.tv proof of consent must be provided to the batc on request.
3.08 Continuous streaming with no obvious reason, for example, streaming a 'shack' camera while there is no activity and nobody present or streaming a testcard for extended periods without good reason. The main exception to this being ATV repeaters which are expected to stream continuously.
3.09 Unnatended operation; it is expected that the stream operator is in control of the streaming source at all times.
3.10 Embedding the stream in any other website without the written consent of the batc. Such consent will not be withheld without good cause, however the final decision rests with the batc. In all cases, where permission is granted, there must be clearly visible promotional text visible within the same viewing area as the stream itself. The text will contain a hyperlink to the batc website. The exact text required will be included in the letter of permission.
3.11 Anything that in the opinion of the batc is unsuitable or would bring The batc or the hobby of amateur radio or television into disrepute.

4. Control of the Streaming facility:

The video streaming facility is provided to members in addition to their normal benefits and without additional cost to them and is intended to be a permanent feature, however, The batc is not obliged to continue provision of the service should circumstances change or forces outside of its control cause it to be discontinued.

At all times, the batc or its authorised agents have full and indisputable control over the use of any or all video streaming channels and may at their discretion:
4.01 Suspend a stream which is reported to violate these terms and conditions until the violation has been investigated.
4.02 Temporarily or permanently disable a stream where a violation is confirmed.
4.03 Make changes to the way the video streaming facility works or to its appearance to end users.
4.04 Remove accounts, generally without notice, that have not been logged into for a period of more than three months.

The batc may, and without prior notice, make changes to these terms and conditions. If this happens, The batc will endeavour to notify all members in the next issue of CQ-TV and additionally, inform those members operating a video stream as soon as possible.

If you have any queries regarding this website or the Terms of Use detailed above, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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