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GB3BH - South West Herts UHF Group
GB3BH ATV Repeater located at Bushey Heath, between Watford and Harrow just North West of London.
Locator/Grid: IO91TP.           Activity night: Wednesday.          On Air: November 2004
Type: /nick callsign or login to identify your text.
      Quick access:
            10,065 MHz 100W ERP analogue
            Audio Subcarriers:    6.0 MHz - TV Sound - Left Channel.    6.5 MHz - 2m talkback - Right channel.
            2,340 MHz analogue
            437.0 MHz digital 2MS/s 3/4 FEC.
            GB3HV, Farnham and GB3TZ, Luton
            144.750 MHz FM, on most Wednesday nights.
      Radio Society of Harrow Club:
            Associated club. http://www.g3efx.org.uk/
      UK ATV Repeaters

Web Site and Contact Details: www.gb3bh.com