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Welcome to the streaming media portal for the www.batc.org.uk If you have any material relating to ATV that you would like to share with the rest of the ATV community, please get in touch so that we can present it here. There is no charge to broadcast your video here, provided that it has some relevance to ATV, or Amateur Radio in general.

Latest News:
  • International Space Station

    We have introduced a new channel: "ISS" for media relating to the International Space Station and it's ongoing relationship with radio amateurs worldwide.
  • Chat restrictions

    Due to a few individuals anti-social behaviour and abuse of some of the chat facility's features, we have been forced to severely restrict the character type and length you can enter into each chat post.
  • Chat expiry

    Chat entries will now automatically expire (and be removed) after a set number of days - stream owners can set the number of days from their control panel, from 6 to 180 days.

If you would like a personal account, FREE OF CHARGE, to stream your material, all you have to do is be a member of thre BATC. All members are able to create theor own personal stream as part of their members benefits. If you would like to join, rates start at £4 per year. Click here to join now

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